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The Network Inland Waterways Europe – NIWE is an international non-profit making Alliance with a scientific and informative purpose.


The aim of the alliance is to simulate the multifunctional use of waterways and sustainable development of inland waterways and lakes in the European Union notably by bringing the efforts together of the different interests and wide variety of key actors in the different countries. In addition to this the aim is promoting the recreational use of these waterways and to represent the partners and to act as the voice of the European recreational inland waterways and lakes network. The Network coordinates programmes, projects and actions to an integrated development of canals, rivers, cities and adjacent regions and enhance/boost the waterways qualities an resources for a better quality of life.


  • To support the members in taking part in European initiatives and facilitating their participation in European funding programs collectively and separately.
  • To strategic and continuous scanning of EU grants schemes and subsidies in both sectorial and territorial programs.
  • To promote the exchange of experience among the members.
  • To further exchange and transfer the knowledge of innovative services, products and technologies and know how in these areas.
  • To investigate and promote physical solutions and funding formulas in view of the establishing new development potential of inland waterways and lakes and adjacent cities and regions. NIWE will from time to time deal with international organizations, governments and other bodies on behalf of this.
  • To promote a higher level of cooperation between the members and the EU institutions safeguarding that the sustainable development potential of inland waterways and lakes is taken into account appropriately in Community programs and in the policies of the EU.
  • To provide inputs for national debates and dialogues for getting inland canals and lakes higher on the policy agenda.
  • To cooperate closely with other organizations within the EU also dealing with the promotion of the use of inland waterways and lakes.
  • To contribute to European harmonization of safety measures using new technologies and standardization.
  • To promote operational and expert links among the members.
  • To create awareness amongst EU decision makers of the potential and challenges of inland canals and lakes for economic development through ongoing strategic networking and lobbying.
  • To facilitate an ongoing knowledge and experience exchange on inland canal and lake issues through setting up and management of an expert.
  • To facilitate matching of interests between the public authority members and organizations representing the private (recreational) waterways sector and the research and technology sector.
  • To increase the attention for the development potential and raise the image of inland waterways through strategic communication, publicity and PR measures.
  • To increase recognition for the unique cultural heritage of European waterways and to build on this heritage as a driver for economic growth.

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2 thoughts on “Network Inland Waterways Europe – NIWE”

  1. Good Morning, my name is Corrado Fontaneto. I live in Novara( North Western Italy)whose territory is crossed by two rivers, Ticino and Sesia which are tributaries of Po river. I would like creating a cultural network with associations focused on the rivers, particularly on geopolitical meanings (agricultural resource, border and limes, way of communication,etc.) and related themes (food’s supply,relationship between land and cities, peasants’ riots,religious settlements along rivers,etc.) I’d prefer less known rivers, like the ones of mine, for creating a European Cultural Heritage based on rivers and on these common matters. Thanks forward for Your kind attention and reply

  2. I think NIWE is a good chance for European inland waterways to become a unique theatre of good practices and results. Please insert my name in your emailing list and update me about your initiatives.
    Many thanks
    Edo Bricchetti, from Milano, Italy.

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