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Map of Randers Fjord


Randers Fjord (DK)

Randers Fjord is approximately 30 km. long. The Fjord starts in the city of Randers and has its mouth in the North Sea. The Randers Fjord area is a national test area for certification of Danish Nature Parks.

VisitRanders works with the two municipalities  along the Fjord and Destination Djursland in the development of the tourism sector in the area.

Main objectives

1) To create networks among the related businesses and other partners.

2) To assist in the improvement of recreational infrastructure.

3) To improve existing and create new areas of business.

4) To create the potential for longer stays in the area.


Angling, sailing and an abundance of unspoiled nature

Key sectors



Gudenå (DK)

Gudenåen is the longest river in Denmark – 153 kilometres from the spring in Tinnet Krat until Randers Fjord.

The Gudenå Committee is a collaboration between the 7 municipalities in the Gudenå river catchment – that is Favrskov, Hedensted, Horsens, Randers, Silkeborg, Skanderborg, and Viborg Municipality. The Committee is made up of one municipal board member from each municipality. Silkeborg Municipality hosts the chairmanship for the Committee from 2016.

The Gudenå Committee is an advisory body to the municipalities in the Gudenå River catchment area and Randers Fjord on the use and environmental protection of the Gudenå. As such, it regulates non-industrial navigation on the river, and the recreational interests across the participating communities.

The Gudenå Committee is a cross-municipal collaboration to solve communal environmental problems and to establish administrative relations with regards to the Gudenå. It also serves as a centrally coordinated managing body of navigational regulations and permits for canoe and kayak navigation on the Gudenå and its lakes. In this capacity, the Gudenå Committee is involved to varying degrees in the following tasks:

  • The Catchmment Area Steering Committee (Vandoplandsstyregruppe, VOS
  • The GudenåSamarbejdet, a cooperative body that includes municipalities as well as tourist organisations and other stakeholders. From 2016 the GudenåSamarbejde is transfered to the departments of Development in the municipalities.
  • The Advisory Board for the Navigation of the Gudenå (Brugerrådet for Sejlads på Gudenåen. More information about these responsibilities can be found on the website.

Read more on the Gudenå Committees homepage and about the GudenåSamarbejde here.

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