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Civiltà dell’Acqua


The International Centre “Civiltà dell’Acqua” (Water Civilization) is a non-profit organization established in 1998. It works to raise a renewed sensitivity towards the environment, the landscape and the heritage of past and present Water Civilizations. By Statute, it promotes the dissemination of new perceptions and behaviors towards water, in order to establish a new “Water Culture” at local, national and international level through educational activities, projects, and exhibitions.

 In 2016 Civiltà dell’Acqua was awarded with the “Innovation Award” by the World Canals Conference (Inverness, Scotland). The awarded project is titled “Exploring Canals: Venice’s waterways, the Historic Network” and consists of 4 Apps for Smartphones aimed to drive regeneration of Venice’s waterways heritage through n. 71 new itineraries by boat, kanoe, bike, horse and on foot. The 4 Apps (FREE download) are available in 2 languages (English and Italian) and relate to the following waterways: “Tagliamento”, “Bacchiglione”, “Delta Po” and “Colli Euganei”.

Among different projects, the Centre is actually involved in the implementation of the Interreg project CE 331 “YouInHerit” (Program Central Europe 2016-19), focused on the transmission to young generation of traditional knowledge related to wooden boat construction and recreational water activities in the Venice Lagoon.


Eriberto Eulisse
Via San Benedetto 33
30037 Scorzè VE
TEL 041 5906897
E-mail: direzione@civiltacqua.org
Website: www.civiltacqua.org

3 COLLI EUGANEI waterways Giardino Valsanzibio Portale di Diana 2 BACCHIGLIONE waterway River Port Portello Padua 1-DELTA-PO-Golena-di-Ca'Pisani--foto-Eddi-Boschetti_35 Bisato Canal

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