The Telemark canal


The Telemark canal stretches from Skien to Dalen, a voyage of 105 km, lifting the boat from the sea and 72 meters up. The journey takes you from the sea to the foot of Northern Europe largest mountain platou – Hardangervidda. The channel’s eastern part, goes up to Notodden and the world heritage site of Notodden and Rjukan Today The Telemark canal is one of the main tourist attractions in Telemark. Three ferries is carrying passengers on the canal. The Telemark Canal is also important for small boat traffic – both for tourists and for Telemark’s own citizens who use the canal as a recreation area.

 NIWE partner – Telemark Canal Regional Park

The Telemark canal regional park was established in 2012 as an inter-municipal cooperation between the six channel municipalities, Telemark County and the owner of the canal and locks – Telemarkskanalen FKF. The purpose is to increase the area’s around the Telemark canal attractiveness as a tourist destination and place of residence, and to achieve growth and development in the private sector by magnify the distinctive resources related to the Telemark Canal and canal landscape.

The Telemark regional park has two employees:

General manager Pål Kleffelgård;, cell: 0047 99 47 39 75

Project manager Frida Sviland;, telephone 0047 35 91 73 23 and cell 0047 41 45 36 07

 Address: Telemark Canal Regional Park, PO Box 2844, 3702 Skien, Norway



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