In Sweden you will find dozens and dozens of rivers and an estimated 101,000 lakes. Vänern (5,648 km²) and Vättern (1 893 km²) are the largest lakes. Vänern is the third largest in Europe. Sweden’s largest river is Klarälven-Göta älv, (720 km).

Sweden lies west of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Bothnia, providing a long coastline, and forms the eastern part of the Scandinavian Peninsula. It has maritime borders with Denmark, Germany, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, and it is also linked to Denmark (south-west) by the Öresund Bridge. To the west is the Scandinavian mountain chain separates Sweden from Norway. Finland is located to its north-east.

Waterways of intrest

Swedish Network Members

City of Karlstad (SE)

Värmland County Administrative Board – CAB (SE)
Contact: Katarina Nordmark

Region Värmland (SE)


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