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Waterways Netherlands has 20 years experience in regeneration and development of recreational inland waterways. Waterways Netherlands works on behalf of Municipalities, Dutch Provinces, Water Boards, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation and the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment. As an independent national coordination and knowledge authority Waterways Netherlands stimulates socio-economic development whilst taking into account the impacts on environment and navigation safety on water on national and EU levels. More than 250 waterway projects have been realized in the Netherlands by the co-financing or strategic advice by Waterways Netherlands.



  • Advices on equipment of (recreational) waterways with its corresponding  infrastructure
  • Implements activities to increase safety on water
  • Advices on sustainability on the water and along the banks
  • Is (lead)partner in several national and European projects
  • Bring sustainable policy on water recreation to the attention of national and European authorities
  • Monitor national waterway network and fixed mast route
  • Organizes meetings on water recreation to enable transfer of knowledge.


European projects

  • In Numericanal Waterways Netherlands is expanding their safe navigation program in Europe by sharing their knowledge, coordination and implementation of Communication & Dissemination activities.
  • Waterways Forward, project management by Waterways Netherlands, helped illuminate the important issue of supporting sustainable multifunctional use of European inland waterways. Exchange of knowledge and expertise on the topics governance, climate change and environment is needed to enable regions adjacent to inland waterways to develop policies and strategies for employment, economic development, transport, recreation and heritage.
  • For Waterways for Growth Waterways Netherlands prepared a handbook, a guidance for development possibilities of maritime industry in old industrial harbors.
  • VNE, Canal Link and Crosscut contributed to the awareness and solutions of the transnational problems of regional authorities concerning management and development of regional waterways. Projects: wastewater from pleasure boats and classification of recreational waterways.


National projects

A selection of our numerous national projects:

  • Restoration of the Erica-ter Apel Canal, a missing waterway connection with Germany of 20 km  and several provinces. A torque lock was made in order to bridge an altitude of 5m. A region of 300 km is now open for recreational boating.
  • Safe Boating (in Dutch: ‘Varen doe je Samen!’) Waterways Netherlands leads this program on safety standards  of the collaborating (larger and smaller) waterways, also benefiting skippers of smaller ships (both recreational and commercial!). Waterways Netherlands takes the lead on developing the pilot methodology and indicators, ensuring sufficient flexibility for it to be adapted to local needs and governance structures. 
  • Frisian Lake Project: substantial co financing of 5 aqueducts in the north of the Netherlands, moorings, service of locks and open bridges and a railway bridge to improve safety on the road and quality of life in the villages.
  • Oude IJssel: Waterways Netherlands made it possible that bridges and locks are operated on distance! from a central point daily during the sailing season. This river, formerly used for industrial transportation, is now transformed into an ecological zone connected to recreational routes for boating, biking and walking.



Visiting address:
Werfkade 2 1033 RA
The Netherlands

PO Box 37111
1030 AC Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tfn: +31 (0)20 705 14 80
Fax: +31 (0)20 705 14 81
Mobile: +31 (0)683 65 71 88
E-mail: l.kroon@waterrecreatienederland.nl


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