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Climate change is real – waterways are front & centre!

CLIMATE CHANGE AND EXTREME events have recently been very much in the news, most recently in Australia. Not long after we published our feature on the Murray River, we see the country suffering almost simultaneously record heat in the south and catastrophic floods in the north. Last October, torrential floods took lives and wreaked unprecedented

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COSME project: Greenways Heritage

COSME project: Greenways Heritage The province of Antwerp is partner in the European COSMEproject: Greenways Heritage. Development and promotion of a transnational cultural tourism product linked to greenways and UNESCO cultural sites. Lead partner is the EGWA (European Greenway Association). Greenways are communication routes reserved exclusively for non-motorised journeys. Canal towpaths and disused railway lines

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Meeting Novotel Düsseldorf City West – Düsseldorf

Venue: Novotel Düsseldorf City West Address: Niederkasseler Lohweg 179, 40547 Düsseldorf, Germany Attendees Canal River Trust - Danny Brennan Canal River Trust - Stephen Higham Provincie Antwerpen - Sabine Denissen Waterways Netherlands - Manon van Meer City of Ghent - Rudy van der Ween Rijkswaterstaat - Paul van der Maat Waterways Ireland - Caroline McCarroll

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Meeting Flemish Waterways – Brussels

Venue: Flemish Waterways Address: Koning Albert II-laan 20 bus 14, 1000 Brussels Attendees: Canal & River Trust - Danny Brennan, Chair Canal & River Trust - Chris Barnett Hosting partner, Flemisch Waterways, Judith Wouters Waterways Ireland, Caroline McCarroll Provence of Antwerp - Sabine Denissen Telemark County Counsil - Dawn Syvertsen Voies Navigables de France -

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Canal & River Trust – Waterways and Wellbeing Agenda

On 22 May, Canal & River Trust, re-launched their new, revitalised  ‘brand’. This is vital to increase awareness of the Trust and its wider role, to reach new audiences and broaden support for its move to become a waterways and wellbeing charity. The attached documents and the link to a presentation by Heather Clarke, Strategy,

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Greener Waterway Infrastructure “Green WIN”

Green WIN secures funding from North West Europe’s (NWE) Low Carbon Priority. It addresses the problem of excess energy use and high carbon emissions Waterway Management Organisations (WMO’s) cause across NWE when pumping water around waterways. The aim is to demonstrate improvements which deliver energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions from our pilots by the

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Meeting Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH – Bremerhaven

Venue: Erlebnis Bremerhaven GmbH Address: H.-H.-Meier-Straße 6, 27568 Bremerhaven 09:30 Arrival and coffee 10:00 Welcome and Opening by Chair: Danny Brennan Attendees: Organisation Contactperson Canal & River Trust Danny Brennan (DB), Chair x Canal & River Trust Chris Barnett (CB) x Bremerhaven Franziska Stenzel (FS) x Hosting partner, Bremerhaven Claudia Harms (CH) x Provence of

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NIWE Meeting, Harbour of Bordeaux

The NIWE delegates met prior to the National Conference on River Tourism 1-2 Feb 2018, a B2B event organised by VNF, addressing development of inland waterway tourism and economic activities on and alongside Europe’s inland waterways. 31st January NIWE Meeting 14:00 Venue: Harbour of Bordeaux, la salle du conseil Address: rue des Etrangers, Bordeaux  

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NIWE Meeting Belfast

On Thursday the 27st of April, a meeting has taken place of the NIWE (Network Inland Waterways Europe). The meeting was hosted by Lagan Canal  Trust, one of the partners in the NIWE. On the Lagan Valley Island Centre in Lisburn city came 11 representatives from 8 different countries gathered for an interesting agenda. The agenda was focused on the

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Submitted Interreg NSR Project: BLUEHUB

Six NIWE partners have submitted in January 2017 the Interreg NSR project: BLUEHUB,  under the leadpartnership of the Province of Antwerp (BE). The partnership will develop a successful and transverable model for “blue hubs”: multimodal switching points alongside inland waterways, connecting the traditional on land mobility networks with the (not yet developed) potential of inland

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