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Back to the future?

Canal & River Trust volunteer, Sian Steel provides some compelling evidence of the evolutionary link between humans, water, and wellbeing. In my experience going on a walk and being in nature, even in the pouring rain, will lift my mood. It is a sentiment shared by many, but why is this so? Doctors have begun

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Potential market uptake of RIVER technologies

RIVER partners have put together a questionnaire to collect information about the potential market uptake for the RIVER technologies developed and trialled in the project. They want to find out more about the market the IWT market and ask for information for each country of the project about: How many shipowners are there? How many

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Sullied Sediments: People in Focus

The video below introduces Els Ryken from VMM and Tim Charlson from Pocklington Canal Amenity Society, both of whom are actively involved in the Sullied Sediments project. Els works for the Flanders Environment Agency as a water quality expert. A trained biologist, Els speaks passionately about the health of our waterways and why it needs

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Sullied Sediments Explained

With the Interreg NSR Sullied Sediments project drawing to a close, partners would like to invited you to visit the link below to watch a video explanation of the project. This video shows how the Sullied Sediments team is working to better assess, treat and prevent chemical pollution in our waterways. The video explains

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Have you met Catchy?

Rijkswaterstaat, together with Allseas, has developed an innovative collection system that collects both floating litter and waste up to a metre under the surface. The system, Catchy, has been put into use in the Vijfsluizerhaven. The system prevents macro and microplastics from flowing into the protected nature reserve and out into the North Sea. Catchy

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French River Tourism and Covid

The French Government has just taken new measures to deal with the second wave of COVID. River tourism activities will be greatly affected by this new wave of the virus, even though, for many activities, the season is over. This is  because the global climate of anxiety and worry severely affects potential bookings by those

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RIVER – aiming to reduce or eliminate pollutants from engines.

Europe’s inland waterways provide a vast transportation network across and between countries. Most forms of aquatic transportation use Diesel engines due to their reliability, fuel efficiency and ease of repair. However in recent years diesel technology has been in the spotlight for the high volume of pollutants it produces and the associated health problems linked

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IWTS 2.0 set to launch Green Wave Barge!

Interreg North Sea region project IWTS 2.0 is delighted to announce the launch of the fully emission- free Green Wave Barge, which is ready to set sail at Euroship in Heerewaarden (Holland) on 20th October 2020!   The IWTS 2.0 project, started in 2017 incorporates ten European partners working together to find and implement solutions

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